Acoustic Guitar Expansion

VPS Avenger Expansion Pack

      Introducing the Acoustic Guitar Expansion for VPS Avenger. This expansion pack comes with over 1,000 acoustic guitar samples which Include Nylon, Steel String, Resophonic, 12 string and Acoustic Bass Guitars.. Recorded with the warmth from Vacuum tube preamps and processed through Avengers Diverse Interface. In addition, this pack offers a variety of options including power chords, minor, Major, m7, M7, Triads, Open and Inverted as well a single note samples. Also, the Presets / Patches have custom automation that use expressive modulation to trigger other oscillators, FX chains and other well calibrated parameters covering a wide range of techniques therefore bringing complexity to the table while still maintaining authentic natural sounding acoustics. Most of all, you can really blur the line between acoustic and electric sounds with this pack. Furthermore, we  plan on releasing updates periodically.


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