Acoustic Guitar Expansion

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EBS Acoustic Guitars
EBS Acoustic Guitars
The Acoustic Guitar Expansion for VPS Avenger is loaded with over 1,000 samples from 6 different acoustic instruments including two phosphor bronze 6 string guitars, one bass guitar, one resophonic guitar, one 12 string guitar and a nylon 6 string guitar. The guitars were recorded with condenser mics and some via line in through amazing DI's and vacuum tube preamps at high samples rates with 32 bits floating points then imported into avenger to create over 100 presets including 10 chord banks w/ presets ( Minor, Major, Power, and open chords) 22 granular converted multi samples, 35 Sequences, 36 Shapes, and 22 Wavetables. The Presets / Patches in this expansion have custom automations that use expressive modulation to trigger other oscillators, FX chains and other well calibrated parameters covering a wide range of techniques. From electronic, ambient Sounds to authentic natural sounding acoustics you can really blur the lines. Each note was painstakingly played, recorded, imported, mapped and processed to create an endless variety of genres. (The Nylon guitar was picked in bridge and neck positions)A FREE FX Tube mini expansion comes with a purchase of the Acoustic Guitar Exp. The FX Tube notes range from G2 - B5 and comes with 5 wavetables, 11 shapes, and 10 FX presets . Enjoy !!!
Price: $50.00
Price: $40.00