Rhythm King Expansion

Rhythm King
Rhythm King
EastBound Sounds presents Rhythm King for UVI Falcon! A highly expressive percussive loop based library The Maestro's Rhythm King MRK-2 is an incredible sounding drum machine.The 18 color coded buttons trigger preset patterns with varying time signatures and 170 loops. When 2 or more buttons are pushed the patterns are merged creating interesting variations. ------------------------------------------------------------------ KeySwitch [A-0]-Triggers 1 button patterns color coded on the keys. Every Keyswitch from [A#0] on triggers 2 button patterns Red Keys are Single Hits not effected by KeySwitches ------------------------------------------------------------------ This patch uses Expressive modulation (modwheel,aftertouch ect.) to manipulate any of the enabled FX PitchBend +/- 12 Semitones Filter modulated by the Step Env [STEP CUTOFF] Dedicated LP HP filter - High Low Boost Global Reverb and Delay (outside FX chain) Tempo Control - /2,x1,x2-
Price: $20.00
Price: $15.00

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